Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fargo Real Estate: Super Agent Kaye Nelson

Super Agent Profile Kaye Nelson

Kaye Nelson
Employed By (Real Estate Company): HOMESMART REALTORS

Hometown: Averill, MN (18 miles east of Moorhead on County 26 :-)
Your first job was: Rolling sod with my brother for a neighbor. I think I was 12 or 13.
Favorite type of music: I like most kinds of music especially if I can sing or dance along. James Taylor, Manhattan Transfer, Neil Young, Wright Brothers,Glenn Miller Big Band music.
Professional training: Physical Education Degree & coaching minor from MSU (with about 50 or moreextra credits trying to find out what I wanted to be when I grew up). Accredited Buyer Representation (ABR), First Time Home Buyer Certification.
Your favorite about selling real estate: I love to meet new people. Helping people buy and sell homes gives me great opportunity to do so. I am a better person and very blessed because of the people I've been privileged to work for.
Did you or do you have a real estate mentor?:My husband, Dennis. I've worked for him and with him for over 25 years. As we are personality opposites -- we compliment each other in our teamwork, but it sometimescreates an interesting work environment.
I ignite my real estate sales by: I've found, especially the last few years, that whenever we put a family event on the calendar and begin to plan for it, that buyers and sellers seem to come from everywhere and want to do business.
Favorite restaurant in fargo moorhead?: Barbara's Deli -- tuna salads and great desserts. McDonalds for the french fries.
When I cook at home I like to make: whatI callNorwegian chili --stewed tomatoes, tomato soup, kidney beans, whole kernel cornand black pepper and NO chili powder. Sweet is better than hot and spicy.
Macaroni and cheese with cheddarwurst and frozen peas is also a favorite. (I 'm not excited about cooking :-)
One thing every homebuyer should keep in mind when searching for a home: Buying a home is an adventure that can run amuck. Take time to find the right real estate agent to help you through the process from beginning to end. Business integrity, honesty, experience, market knowledge, communication and listening skills and enthusiasm are all important attributes your agent needs to have.
Your favorite charity in fargo moorhead is and why?:University Lutheran Center at N.D.S.U. I've discovered through my involvement on the board that this is a great place for students to discover more about themselves and their faith, develop leadership skills, and become involved in ministries and projects that focus on the well being of others in need rather than self.
I've lived in the Fargo-Moorhead area my entire life--52 years.As much as I love living here, there are times when I'm envious of those that move awayto experience newsurroundings, climates, cultures and people. I thoroughly enjoy every opportunity I have to work with people transitioning to Fargo-Moorhead. They share their experiences with me while I introducethem to what a great place Fargo-Moorhead is to live and work. I love living on the edge of adventure.
Helping people buy and sell homes -- provides all sorts of adventure. My goal is to make sure the adventure has a happy ending.

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