Monday, October 15, 2007

Fargo Real Estate: Profile Gregg Swanson

Name: Gregg Swanson
Company: Kaiser Properties
Hometown: Hoople , ND
Your first job was: Farming with my Dad.
Favorite type of music: The 70’s.
Professional training: NDSU crammed 4 years into 5.
Your favorite about selling real estate at the lakes: I like people and the lakes area and enjoy the process of finding just the right property which can be so different for so many.
Did you or do you have a real estate mentor? Monica Kaiser.
I ignite my real estate sales by: Answering questions factually and if I don’t have the answer say so.
Favorite restaurant: The Cornfield at Dunvilla.
When I cook at home I like to… Grill outdoors.
One thing every homebuyer should keep in mind when searching for a home: Make sure it is affordable.
Your favorite charity is and why: I do not have a favorite.
We have 2 girls and have been so fortunate to enjoy the lake since they were very little.


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