Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fargo Real Estate: Profiles Roger Hoffmann

Name: Roger Hoffmann
Company: Park Company Realtors
Hometown: Hallock, MN
Your first job was: Working in our family’s hardware store. My parents operated that store for 53 years, and I learned at an early age, “If you don’t sell something, you don’t have any money to spend.”
Favorite type of music: I enjoy soft soothing music rather than yelling…
Professional training: I have a BA/BS Degree from UND and a Master’s Degree from NDSU. I also have 3 advanced degrees in real estate.
Your favorite about selling real estate: I enjoy the challenges that buying and selling real estate offers, and I enjoy working with appreciative clients. My background in owning a business for 27 years with employees, in solving tenants’ issues for 20 years, and in teaching in the Fargo Public School System for 33 years has been excellent training for selling real estate. Because of my past training, experiences and contacts, I am more open minded towards clients’ needs, and I have the ability to organize, research, and locate the properties that they are requesting. Also, after personally renovating several properties and designing and helping to build 3 homes, I am knowledgeable in basic construction. “We are so fortunate to have excellent builders in our community.”
Did you or do you have a real estate mentor?
I ignite my real estate sales by:
Favorite restaurant:
When I cook at home I like to… I like to experiment and then invite friends for a test taste. Most of the time there are no leftovers…
One thing every homebuyer should keep in mind when searching for a home: No two properties are exactly alike. Because one property sold for $200,000 last month across the street doesn’t mean that a like property is worth the same price 2 months later. Buyers and Sellers have different motivations for their decision making and that will affect a properties performance in the market place.
Your favorite charity is and why: Our family supports several charities, but my current personal favorite is the Cass County Area Retired Teachers’ Scholarship Fund. Each year we solicit support form 100 active members within this organization and other outside interested parties.
Awards: Fargo Public Schools’ Golden Apple, ND Retired Teachers’ Silver Apple, U.S. Small Business Administration Certificate of Appreciation, Park Company’s Top Producer, GMAC Corporation’s National Debut Producer, Rainbird Corporation’s National Small Company of the Year. I would like to thank students, parents of students, tenants, customers, clients, co-workers, members of organizations with whom I am affiliated, and our friends for your help to jump-start my career in real estate. Mary and I and our extended family feel very blessed by knowing you.


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